Bridesmaids Robes

Why Bridesmaids Robes are Essential for Your Wedding Day

On the wedding day, much of the attention will be focused on the bride and rightly so, but for those who love to take snaps of the fun and chaos that goes on from the time the alarm clock rings to the time set for the wedding, it is imperative to think in terms of the bridesmaids as well.  If they are clad in pretty bridesmaid robes, all those happy snaps will be enjoyed by everyone.

You don’t want your beautiful bridesmaids to be caught dressed in some tatty old robe while they are having their make-up and hair done for the wedding.  If they sleep over at the bride’s home, as many do, it’s important for them to have pretty lingerie to wear and robes are all part of that.

Sure, they can get dressed in their day clothes, but do they have something that buttons down the front? And without a collar? If not, it is quite likely that their hairdos will come tumbling down around their shoulders as they try in vain to remove that t-shirt or top without disturbing it. In addition, make-up is likely to be smeared, ruining the whole beautiful look.

Imagine what that would do to everyone’s pre-wedding jitters, not to mention the time frame you have to stick to.  The make-up artist can only do so much in the time she has and if one or more bridesmaids need to have their face done twice, she may well throw up her hands and run screaming out the door – with the hairdresser hard on her heels.

Bridesmaids robes will save the day because the girls can don their underwear and slip on a robe. They will look beautiful even before the make-up artist and hairdresser start on them. Those photos will be magnificent and no one will need to cringe at the before shots when comparing them with the after ones.

Once the hair and make-up are done it will be a simple thing for the bridesmaids to untie their robe and slip it off their shoulders in readiness to don their own beautiful outfit. There will be no worries about disturbing the hair-do or the make-up and the bridesmaids will be able to get their outfits on quickly so they can do their job of helping the bride to get ready and look beautiful.

In addition, they’ll have a lovely robe to wear afterwards that will always remind them of your wedding day.  A robe would make a lovely gift for your bridesmaids and be something they will cherish for many years.  In fact, it would also be lovely for the bride to wear such a robe  while having her hair and make-up done as well.

The photographs or happy snaps will all look amazing when the bridesmaids are clad in beautiful robes that match up with the bride’s.