Botox Injections

Whom do You Trust to do Your Botox Injections

When having Botox injections, it’s good to know your cosmetic surgeon is trained to Australian standards. Our experts at, have said that overseas standards may be an unknown as it is difficult to find proper information online about cosmetic surgeons in Bali or Thailand. Besides which, even if they tell you they are highly trained, what does that mean to them? It may not mean the same as we would expect to find in our own country.

Overseas exotic locations have a lot to recommend when it comes to an exciting holiday. There are many wonderful sights to see in those countries that you would never see in Australia and you can have a great time. But going there for a medical or cosmetic procedure may not be the best choice.

It is now known that cosmetic surgeons in Perth have to fix up a lot of Botox treatment that was poorly administered overseas.  Even though the treatment might seem simple, it is still essential to get it right, or problems can easily occur. Having any kind of cosmetic treatment in Australia is far more likely to produce the kind of results you can be proud of, rather than a problem that makes you cringe when you look in the mirror.

But if you want to try the delicious food of another culture, see all the amazing sights, swim, surf and ride elephants, then Bali or Thailand  are the places to go. The people are so friendly and helpful you’ll be amazed at how much you enjoy the experience.  You can visit isolated temples, enjoy the water slides and theme parks and see monkeys in their natural habitat when you go to Bali – all at a price you can afford.

It is most likely the affordable price of overseas Botox treatment that makes the option so appealing. However, safety is more important than price when it comes to medical procedures, of which Botox injections are just one.  Even though it is also a cosmetic procedure, because it invades the skin it is also medical. So don’t think having Botox is something you can have done just anywhere and it will be fine. You should only have it in a medical clinic where the proper high standards and controls are in place to ensure nothing goes wrong.

You should never trust just anyone to do the job. The person to administer those injections needs to be fully trained to a high standard and have a great deal of experience. You don’t want your face to be a guinea pig with someone practicing on it.  Only trust the procedure to those who have already proven they can do it, with many satisfied patients to reassure you.  That way you can avoid any problems that might pop up.