Importance of Exercise

The Importance of Exercise for Mature Aged People

The older you get the less you feel like exercising, but the more it is necessary for good health. The less you exercise the worse condition your muscles are in and this makes you feel even less like exercising until it becomes a vicious circle.  Health authorities all agree that exercise keeps us healthy, reduces blood pressure and stress, improves heart function and reduces depression. It helps us to sleep well and gives us a good appetite. So how can we get that exercise that we need but often don’t really want?

How to exercise when you hate walking

It’s important to choose something you like when it comes to exercising. If you hate walking, going for a walk every day will be unpleasant and you’ll look for –and find – many excuses not to go. But if you love photography, the beach, or gardens, then incorporating those things into your walk will make it seem much more pleasant. Fun, even. For instance, you could go for a walk along the beach and take photos or collect shells for a hobby, or for the grandchildren.

Or you could walk around botanic gardens or residential streets to enjoy the many gardens on display. If you just like visiting a friend, you could both go walking while you talk to each other. Incorporating walking into your day is easy when you look for opportunities.

How to exercise without walking – much

That said, you can get exercise without walking. What if you love dancing? You could go dancing two or three times a week and that would certainly give you some good exercise. If you like the social interaction of being in a club, join a Pilates group or anything else similar you are interesting in doing or learning. You might even like to do aquarobics in your local heated pool during the summer. Playing a sport such as bowls or croquet is another way to get your body moving around and exercising.

It’s important to not overdo exercise and to check with your health care provider that the exercise you choose will not be too much for you. If your reasons for exercising are also to lose weight, make sure you don’t choose an activity that will end up in the coffee shop snacking on high sugar goodies.

Don’t get dehydrated

Once you start to exercise it is important to drink plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated. If you plan to be out and about for very long in the heat, take a bottle of water with you. Otherwise, have a good drink before you go and another one when you get back home. When you put just a little effort into exercising you’ll be much healthier.