Is Liposuction Right for You?

Often, people who want to lose weight consider liposuction to be their magic wand. However, this procedure is not actually performed for this reason. It is a body contour procedure that takes fat from areas of the body that do not respond to dieting or exercise and makes those areas look more in line with the rest of the body.

For instance, if you’ve tried dieting and exercise but have found stubborn areas of fat still cause your thighs to look large in relation to the rest of your shape, liposuction may be the ideal way to solve the problem.  But if you haven’t dieted or exercised and want to lose fat from all over your body, or if you have lots of loose and flabby skin folds you want to get rid of, liposuction is not the right treatment and you’ll find your surgeon will not do it for those reasons.

In case of the loose skin, a tummy tuck would be the preferred treatment. Tummy tucks will tighten the skin so it doesn’t hang in folds; liposuction will not do this. In addition, some people may want to have liposuction on their back because they believe there is fat under the skin there, but in most cases it is just thick skin. Liposuction would do nothing for such a problem.

For the treatment to be successful the patient must have fatty deposits just under the skin that can be sucked out. This is not the case with loose folds of skin or with thick skin, so the treatment will be refused.  It is wise to consult with a cosmetic surgeon to find the right treatment so you can improve those areas that trouble you.

Once you get the go-ahead for liposuction you need to discuss what the treatment is likely to accomplish before going ahead. Some people think it is a magic wand that will make their body shape perfect. Then they are very disappointed after treatment to find there is much less change than they expected.

You need to remember that your life may not change drastically just because you’ve had liposuction.  And it is important to only have if you want it, not if someone else wants you to have it. Just because there are a few bulges that make your body shape less than the ideal presented by a certain culture doesn’t mean you are not a good person or worthy of being loved for yourself.  That is a really shallow way of thinking that can be blamed to a great extent on the media, television and social media.

Had you lived in the different country or in a different era, such a thing would never have been heard of or expected of you. So think twice about whether liposuction is right for you.