Get Over the Flu

How to Get Over the Flu

Every winter the flu virus flies through the air attacking everyone it meets. No matter what strain it is, influenza lays you low and is often difficult to get over properly. But often, people make their lives more difficult by trying to carry on their normal life, no matter how ill they feel. Over the counter medication that makes you feel better than you are doesn’t really help in the long run.

When the flu virus attacks your body, you need to rest as much as possible, stay out of the cold and drink plenty of warm fluids. If possible, stay in bed as rest and sleep are two powerful healers. There is no need for antibiotics unless you develop a secondary infection. Painkillers to relieve headaches and muscular aches and pains, and medication to help clear nasal blockages will both be helpful.

Once you start getting over the flu, it’s easy to get out of bed and start doing all those things you had to leave over the last week or fortnight. The washing has piled up, sheets need changing, dust covers the floor, the rubbish needs taking out and you’d just love a home-cooked meal. And often, you are the only one around to do it. But if you get back to work too soon, whether in the house or outside of it, the healing process will be delayed.

This is because your body is now using those small reserves of energy for working instead of healing.  If you can take more time off work and turn a blind eye to all the jobs that need doing around the house, you will recover a great deal more quickly in the long run. These days, relaxing on the veranda with a coffee and just enjoying the warm sun or cool breeze is considered to be a waste of time.  Yet it should be a normal part of life. Your body and mind both need to rest instead of rushing at full speed ahead for twelve or fourteen hours a day.

Here are some more tips to get over the flu.

  • Rest more, taking extra time off work if possible.
  • Leave the house in a mess. Who cares? You’ll get it done eventually.
  • Take some vitamin supplements to help restore depleted reserves.
  • Sit in the sun or dappled shade if it’s hot, for 15 minutes a day.
  • Keep out of cold wind and don’t sit directly under the air conditioning.
  • Get plenty of sleep at night. Nap in the day if you feel tired.
  • Have the evening meal delivered to save you cooking – and don’t feel guilty about it.
  • Don’t be too proud to ask friends and relatives for help if you have toddlers at home.