Eggs and Wine

Eggs and Wine – Is it a Thing?

A quick browse of a restaurant menu will soon make you realise how versatile eggs can be. You can order them scrambled, in an omelette, fried, poached, and even devilled. They are also commonplace as binders and as part of baking as well. While eggs are exceptionally versatile when it comes to how you eat them, are they equally as so when you try to pair them with wine from your bottle store or an online wine provider? Does wine work with eggs at all?

It’s not easy, but it’s possible to find that winning combination. Here are a few below.

Big Brunch

Every now and again, we all like to indulge in a big brunch with bacon, eggs, mushroom, sausage, hash browns, and beans. After all, when you’re out and about, stopping into your local restaurant for a bite to eat can prepare you for the long day ahead. If you’ve thrown caution to the wind and thought “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” and want to drink wine with your brunch, not any wine will do.

You can’t just select something that’s on special from an online wine provider and believe it will work with everything. Big, greasy meals with fatty eggs require a particular type of wine.  When you’re devouring a big breakfast with fried eggs, you may want to pair it with light red wine. Not any light red wine will do, though. You need to stay away from wine with lots of tannin and lean toward those unoaked varieties.

Celebrate in Style

If you’re away on holiday, eating from restaurants on a regular basis and swapping online wine for bistro varieties, then wine for breakfast is not out of the question. However, if you want something refreshing with which to pair your morning eggs, Champagne is perfect. It’s crisp, bubbly, and so acidic that it will cut through the fats and oils present in the egg.

Egg Dishes

If you’re a huge fan of egg dishes that feature all manner of ingredients, then you may find it’s quite challenging to pair wine with them. After all, you need to make it work with not only eggs, but the accompanying spices, herbs, and even cheeses and tomato bases you tend to incorporate. If you’re opting for a baked egg dish with quite strong flavour profiles, it’s in your best interest to buy Sauvignon Blanc from your local bottle store or an online wine shop. However, make sure your Sauv of choice is unoaked and of the crisp variety.

Eggs and wine aren’t a match made in heaven, but they are a match. As long as you pay attention to the goal – cutting through the creaminess and fattiness of eggs, you are sure to find there are a few different options that will more than meet the mark. And, remember, it’s five o’clock somewhere, so it’s not out of the question for a cheeky Champagne with breakfast while you’re on holiday.