Cosmetic Surgery

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery for People with Disabilities

Many people undergo various types of cosmetic surgery to improve their looks in some way. It could be breast augmentation, liposuction or something as simple as a Botox injection or dermal fillers to get rid of wrinkles and make them look younger.

Cosmetic surgery has many benefits and would surely help many people with disabilities. People with a physical disability are just the same as everyone else; it’s just that they are missing a limb. Those with a disease that makes them disabled are not all that much different except that they may find it difficult to express themselves clearly, walk properly or do many of the things we take for granted.

Cosmetic surgery is not all about looking more youthful. In fact, it has been given this reputation by the many film stars and singers that pursue perfection of looks to the utmost – often at great cost. Disabled people often suffer a stigma that their disability makes them different from everyone else – to their detriment. Their concerns are much more likely to be trying to look like the average person in order to become more accepted in society.

In this way they can achieve a more normal lifestyle and perhaps be able to get a job and become more independent. Some disabled people have a brilliant mind or are really clever at doing some specific thing. Take foot and mouth artists, for instance; with no hands or sometimes even no arms at all, they find it difficult to take their place in society, yet their art work may border on genius.

The trouble is that they are not accepted by normal society and so cannot establish a reputation as an artist that is not labelled with the disabled tag. This prevents them from becoming famous in their own right as an artist, which they truly deserve to be. But if they could have prosthetic arms or hands that look more ‘normal’ – for want of a better word – people’s perception of them and their artwork would very likely change.

They would be seen as someone with a marketable skill and be accepted into the mainstream of society. It is a shame that such a stigma should be attached to disabled people but it stems from ancient years when anyone who looked different was considered freakish and kept away from society. It has taken a long time for this to change and even now many people feel uncomfortable in the presence of the disabled.

Happily, it is slowly changing as the world can see that people with a disability have the same dreams and hopes as everyone else. They can feel emotional hurt just like anyone else. With television and the Paralympics leading the way, let’s hope disabled people will soon emerge into a society where they can find acceptance.