7 Unusual Sports You Didn’t Know Existed But Should Try

7 Unusual Sports You Didn’t Know Existed But Should Try

Most people are bound have played or watched some of the main sports that exist including football, rugby, and cricket. Whilst these are undoubtedly fun activities, did you know that there are many sports which are every bit as much fun, if not more, and that many people do not even realise exist?

To shine some light on them, and to possibly open your eyes to some fun activities that you may not be aware of, we have listed below no fewer than 7 unusual sports that we are sure you will enjoy if you try them. Better still, encourage your family and friends to try them with you.

Before we start, we admit that we are using the term ‘sport’ in its loosest sense and that as some people might consider these fun games rather than a sport, we accept that the chances of some of them becoming an Olympic event are slim to none. However, they all involve physical activity and exercise, which can never be a bad thing.

#1 Axe Throwing

Fast becoming a hugely popular sport, and in many cases a highly competitive one too. The object is to score the highest number of points throwing an axe at a wooden target with scoring circles marked on it. The safest way to start is to go to a local axe throwing centre where they will supply the axes, the targets, and lessons for those who want to improve their aim.

#2: Walking Basketball/Football/Rugby

If you add walking to most sports you can come up with an alternative. These variations simply mean that participants are not allowed to run, and thus can only walk. Lots of fun for those who cannot or will not run. This is also an option when the players are older in years and thus not as able to run as they once could.

#3: Bicycle Polo

You presumably know that polo is a game played on horses, well assuming you and your friends do not all own a fine steed each, here is an alternative. Instead of having a horse to ride, you all use bicycles to get around the field.

#4Wheelbarrow Racing

The clue is in the name as teams of two, with one on the wheelbarrow, and the other pushing, race each other down a track. You can vary the length of the races. so you might have some which are 100 metres sprints, and others over much longer distances.

#5 Team Frisbee

This could be described as a combination of handball, rugby and American Football all rolled in one sport. Two teams have an objective to get the frisbee in their opponents ‘end zone’. They do so by throwing the frisbee to each other, but of course, the other team can try to intercept, and start their own attack,. There is no running, and most important of all, no contact, making it safe for all ages and genders to play.

#6 Street Luge

Those participating need to build their own street luge using pieces of wood, and wheels. Once build they can race each other down steep inclines, in the same way real luges do, down snowy hills. Safety helmets should be worn by all.

#7 Korfball

This non-contact sport is a mix of basketball and netball and has pretty much the same objective, which is to put the ball in your opponent’s net. The difference is that there is an equal number of male and female players in each team with running or walking allowed.