Dental Implants

5 Benefits of Dental Implants

For many years, the only treatment options provided by your dentist for missing teeth were bridges and dentures. While both options are more than suitable for a number of people, dental implants can prove to be far more convenient – especially if you only have a few missing teeth. They are also more comfortable than a standard pair of dentures, and can remove the stigma that just elderly people have “false teeth”.

If you’re tired of having missing teeth and believe your confidence levels could improve as a result of having a full set of pearly whites, read about the five benefits of dental implants below. You might just realise that dental implants could be the very thing you need.

  1. They can improve your self-esteem

If you’re missing teeth – particularly front teeth – you can lose much of your confidence. Many people choose not to smile in photos, and some people are also less inclined to meet new people as it can involve showing their teeth. If your dentist provides dental implants, they can remove this problem altogether. As the implants are matched to your own remaining teeth, they look just like yours, and anyone you meet will be none-the-wiser.

  1. Your speech can be improved

Losing teeth can be detrimental to your entire mouth. Not only does it affect your self-esteem, but it can also change your jaw structure. While dentures can solve this problem, they don’t remove all of the issues associated with speech. As they can often be loose, you may find yourself slurring words, mumbling, and losing the ability to speak with clarity and precision. Dental implants, because they are fixed, enable you to speak and act naturally as you would with your own teeth.


  1. It’s easier to eat

Eating with dentures that slide around and fall out of your mouth can be difficult. Eating becomes so challenging that people tend to opt for foods that are easier to eat, rather than more pleasurable. With dental implants, you’re able to enjoy more of the food you love, without sacrificing on texture or flavour. Of course, you must take caution when it comes to particularly hard foods like boiled lollies, but your dentist will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your diet.


  1. You can benefit from improved oral health

When you see your dentist about bridges or dentures, you will begin to realise your other teeth will form part of the decision-making process, not just the ones that are missing. With dentures and bridges, you might need to get more teeth extracted, but with dental implants that doesn’t need to happen. More of your teeth are left intact and uninterrupted which can improve your oral health in the long term.

By just getting dental implants for the teeth that are missing, rather than a tooth-supported bridge, you may also find it can be easier to access the gaps between your teeth for cleaning.


  1. They are more comfortable
    Dentures are removable, and as a result, they are known to slip around. Getting dentures that fit can be a long process, with moulds needing to be made to suit the shape of your mouth. Even then, they are still a removable item and are known to cause rubbing and irritation. Dental implants are a permanent structure in your mouth and therefore act in the same way as your natural teeth without being an irritant.


If you’re ready to consider dental implants, it’s time to call your dentist. They can share the many benefits associated with the procedure, as well as what’s involved.